Charities for Christmas 2020

Starting this year and from now on every year we are going to choose 2 charities to donate to.  We will create wreaths in line with their work and from the sales of these wreaths we will be donating towards their cause.

This year we think it should go without saying that the key workers and NHS staff around the country deserve not only a mention but also a wreath made in their honour! That is why we have chosen to do a rainbow bauble wreath with matching coloured timer lights. We will be donating directly to our local NHS trust please see more details here.

Our other chosen charity is the Marine conservation trust or MCSUK. The wreath that we have made in line with the ocean colours is our magnificent Misty Magic fresh Christmas wreath. In this busy fast paced world we forget all too easily the impact we are having on our oceans, and all that live in them. The work that the MCS do is tireless to help protect our seas, shores and wildlife. Please find more information here. https://www.mcsuk.or