Garland information

What you need to know about garlands and ordering:

Facts about our fresh Christmas garlands

  • We specialise in garlands and make them all year round there isn't much we don't know about them or can do with them!
  • They make the best eco - decoration ever you just need to know how to use them and buy them and hopefully we can help with that.
  • Our foliage garlands are made from as much home grown foliage as possible, and foliage is cut the same day as we make your order.
  • Our fresh spruce is sourced from sustainable forests in the UK.
  • We use the finest fresh noble fir and pine for all our wreaths and garlands.
  • We make each one by hand (so advanced ordering is useful - but not essential!)
  • They have a core wire or rope so you can bend and flex them to decorate your area and a wire hook if you wish to hang them.
  • Letting us know what you will be doing with them can really help us to make them up accordingly.
  • Delivery is nation wide by our couriers - Deliveries are made Monday to Friday ONLY . This year we are asking for a delivery week in which you would ideally like your order to be delivered. Please see delivery information.


Order what ever length you wish via the site.

Width approx: 7-8"" for standard garlands

Width approx: 8" -1ft for Deluxe garlands

Lights :

We use battery operated timer lights on all our wreaths and garlands, this means you don't have to worry about turning them on! They are easily set and will come on the same time everyday for 6hrs then 18hrs off.

How to order your garlands if decorating a door or around something such as an object or furniture:

  1. Measure each length separately that is to be covered with garland. (Ie top of the door, then two sides)
  2. Order these lengths on the web site separately rather than in one long length. (This means when you hang your garland all the foliage will be going in the same direction)
  3. Mention as a note on the order that your garland is for a door or fire place and where your safe dry place is for the garland to be left if you out when delivery is made.
  4. If in doubt then email us and we can advise you further.

How to order your garland for a flat surface.

  1. Measure the length required.
  2. Order your garland on the web site.
  3. If it is very long please cut it down into smaller sections otherwise it will be heavy for you to handle. (We suggest anything over 12ft)
  4. Leave a note on the order as to where it can be left if you are going to be out on the day of delivery (somewhere dry please)
  5. If in doubt then email us and we can advise you further.

How to order your garland for draping along the stair case banister.

  1. Measure your banister and any extra if you are creating loops or wrapping the garland around the banister.
  2. Once measured we suggest splitting it into separate lengths as it will too heavy to use in one length. (if the total length is over 12ft)
  3. Order your garland on the website in the required lengths you need.
  4. Leave a note at the check out saying what you will be doing with you garland. Also let us know a safe dry place your item can be left if you are out when delivery is made.
  5. Contact us if you need help.. contact@bloomsandbuds.co.uk

How to care for your garland:

  • Please handle them with care they are all hand crafted and not mass manufactured. They are made fresh to your order!
  • Ideally keep your garland as cool as you can. Garlands used for outside decoration will last longer than bringing them inside.
  • They will really love you if you give them s little "spritz" with some water every day, garlands are short lived fresh foliage decorations. They will dry out and we cannot say how long they will last.
  • Don't over heat it by placing it above a radiator or open fire . Heat will reduce the lifetime of your garland. We can not say how long they will last they are for decoration use only for short periods of time.
  • Sit back and enjoy your wonderful festive creation!

FAQ's about garlands:

How long do they last- it really depends on how hot the area is that your garlands will be placed. Heat will dry out the foliage faster than if the garland is kept cool. We can not say how long they will last, we use the freshest foliage we can source and make them fresh the same day as dispatch. Please note garlands are for short term decorations purposes only. Your foliage will dry out within 2 weeks, every foliage is different. 

If I want my garlands to be fresh for Christmas day when should I order? - Ideally order either towards the end of the last week before Christmas or on or near the last dispatch date.

Do you need to pre order garlands - ideally the sooner you order the better as we only have a certain amount of foliage each year and once it's gone it's gone so ordering early means you don't miss out.

How many days do we need for an order - Each item is made to order so it's handy for us to have at least a couple of days - to a weeks notice but not essential we are very good at making things happen and have done 24hr turn arounds!

How do they get delivered - We use our trusted couriers for nation wide delivery (highlands and northern Ireland are different rates please contact us for up to date prices) deliveries are made Tuesday to Friday ONLY. We don't have any items sitting in delivery hubs over the weekend hence no Monday deliveries. Saturday deliveries can be made but at a higher delivery charge -(not set by us but by the delivery couriers)

Do we offer bespoke services - Yes we offer bespoke services, we just ask you email us your requirements and we shall get in touch to discuss your items. Email us on contact@bloomsandbuds.co.uk

What's the difference between standard garlands and deluxe garlands? - Standard garland are smaller in width than deluxe. Standard are approx 8" wide and deluxe is approx9" - 1ft Deluxe garlands use double the amount of foliage and are ideal as table runners or mantle runners, but very heavy for hanging. Sometimes depending on the use of your garland it can be netter to double up on the standard garlands to create a fuller look. Get in touch for further advise